Orisa Launches Next Week

We have made no secret here that we are OW fans here at Ageless Nerd, so we are excited that Blizzard has announced that the latest addition to the Overwatch roster, “Orisa”, launches next week. Orisa is being referred to as an “Anchor Tank” and I must admit, I’m not on the PTR and I haven’t seen many videos yet, but I am curious as to how teams will respond to sticking by a tank. I have been playing OW since it came out and I still can’t seem to figure out how to get pugs to stay near the damn tank!!!

Joking aside I think Orisa will be a fun addition to the game and it’s always fun to see people from my friends list stop playing whatever they were playing to return to OW for a couple of weeks.

You can see the announcement video below.

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